easyConf is a call conference service, easy to use.
The call conference is on a premium number.
Service is paid by all participants in the phone meeting.
It is available 24/7, without reservation, at the lowest cost!

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01 70 81 33 33

How to organize your call conference :

Step 1

You choose freely
a call conference code,
from 4 to 9 digits.


Step 2

At your meeting time,
each participant calls

and enter the code.

Notes :

If you have participants who are located outside metropolitan France, click here.
If you want to pay for all participants (and participants do not pay), click here.

If you do not know which code to choose, click here to get a code randomly.
Your code is :

Price :

easyConf is the cheapest call conference service.
The price is 0 cts € HT per minute per participant.
The lowest cost for each participant.
No subscription no covenant.

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The easiest possible operation: all participants who enter the same code are into the conference


Conference immediately available, without reservation, without doing anything on the Internet


Excellent voice quality (use standard telephone network, no VoIP)


Single price of 0.075 € / minute (no other charges, no subscription, no cost of implementation)


Secure access according to the chosen code, no reason to cancel the meeting (no traffic jam problem, transport strike)


Freedom of time and duration of your conference


Invitation of participants to a conference call by email and SMS for free


Support by phone

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Conférences en cours :

Tips for plan your conference

  • Try to choose a conference code quite complicated. Do not use codes like 1234, 0000, 2018, the current date or a year of birth! We advise to choose a code with at least 6 digits.
  • Read carefully the help page before starting your first phone meeting
  • Tell clearly to all participants the date and time of beginning of call conference. Ask to everyone to be on time.
  • If you have any problem, please contact us

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Good reasons to use easyConf

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